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Be rewarded with our revolutionary affiliate marketing blockchain system and participate in institutional investment opportunities

This is an era where Big Data is the new oil, as we witness the rise of digital transformation where brick and mortar stores are being replaced by e-commerce.

Where a community can wield greater market influence than Wall Street as seen in the Gamestop saga.

Where new technologies such as Blockchain and Smart Contracts are transforming the current financial system, with digital banks are rising to rival traditional financial institutions

In this era of rapid change and technological disruption, how can we leverage on “Big Data” and “the Power of the Community” and be part of the new REVOLUTION?

ELLUFA is a new blockchain initiative which applies the “Golden Triangle” concept to leverage on Smart Contracts, Big Data and the Collaborative economy to build a strong and vibrant community capable of creating synergies, capitalizing on opportunities and building wealth for all its stakeholders.

As part of the “Golden Triangle” concept, ELLUFA makes extensive use of Blockchain and Smart Contract technologies to come up with tailor-made solutions that ensure transparency, fairness and safety for all participants such as partners and investors.

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